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Ssd Solution,machine & Activation Powder for sale +918447250476
4 500$ 10 800GEL

Ssd Solution,machine & Activation Powder for sale +918447250476

February 17, 2016
Sisco Chemicals Laboratory Intl: Our company started operation in 1997 and we have been working
on different grounds with different people to achieve their goals.
According to the World monetary terms and conditions,
No company that is allowed to make advertisements of anti-breeze stained dollar notes
cleaning according to the law No.71 of Geneva Swiss Bank.
Only authorized personnel and laboratories plus banking institutions have access to the products( chemicals ).
Our company is one of the leading companies in this field and we have skilful staffs that perfectly
operate for the best results with the best materials and cleaning machines on the ssd solution services.
We operate in most of the countries of various continents:Europe, Asia, America and Africa etc.

For inquiries contact:-
The Cordinator/Head of Operations:-

Email 1:
Email 2:
Mobile: +918447250476 / +918587955613
International Office for all is: India
Sisco Chemicals Laboratory Intl
Name: DR Ben Bruce
Contacts :
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