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L.T.D Business Academy

L.T.D Business Academy

August 20, 2018
Our accountant service gives chance to customer to concentrate on company’s main business and do not spend time on accountant –tax problem solution.

Accountant Service Standard Packet Includes :
• Planing accountant budget ,compose and control.
• Budget condition express - analise .
• Accountant budget renewal.
• Consatancy
• Prepearing tax forms and declarations and show it in tax – inspect.
• Customer’s payable payments calculation and customer information.
• Relationship with tax – inspect employers about customer’s accountant and tax issues.
• In cameral and planned tax – audit period to protect customers interests and show / present audit regulation foreseen information.
• Protect customer’s interests before third person in accountant / tax issues.
• Accountant program’s standard extractions and rotator list delivery.
• In come definition - corresponding to 18 international accounting standard.
• Other services , which is important for make accounting according to Georgian acting standards and laws.
• Work out , prepeare and examination of contract and other legal documents.

Accountant activity can be produce as in native language, in Russian and in English as well.

Tel: 599 30-10-46 ;577 58-99-33 ; 597 82-79-79
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