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Curtain rods
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  • Curtain rods
  • Curtain rods
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Curtain rods

October 11, 2018
Hello dear !
This is Andriy, Sales Manager
"Cardinal" in Lviv, Ukraine.
Our company has been operating on the Ukrainian market for 16 years. We produce curtain rods and they of suites, including:
- Plastic Ceiling curtain rods (OM);
- Decorative white and color plates (one meter);
- The angular shift (internal and external);
- Sets endings to ceiling cornice;
- Accessories (hooks, klips, etc.).
- Metal-plastic and metal-wood curtain rod (D 28 mm);
- Metal-molded products (D 16 mm);
We also sell metal rails (16, 19, 25 and 20 mm Quadro). Currently we supply curtain rods and accessories in countries like Russia (office in Kursk, Vitebsk Belarus, Kazakhstan and Bishkek to the European Union in Zilina Slovakia. Thank you. Wait for a reply.

Best regards Andriy Kovalyk
mobile:+38 067 3146604
tel/fax: +38 032 2954470
Address of Ukraine office:
Lviv, Ryasnyanska Str. 148
Contacts : send an email,
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