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One Piston Load Lift
  • One Piston Load Lift
  • One Piston Load Lift
  • One Piston Load Lift
  • One Piston Load Lift
  • One Piston Load Lift
  • One Piston Load Lift
  • One Piston Load Lift
  • One Piston Load Lift
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One Piston Load Lift

July 28, 2018
Load Capacity: max. 1500kg but capacity can be increased.
Size: 1100cmX1700cm but capacity can be increased.
Guarantee: 1 yr.
Certifications: Yes.
Installation: We offer installation.
Useful life: During next modernization.
Made in: Turkey.
Movement Direction: Up and down between floors.
Areas: Trade centers, factories, residences, houses, in reconstruction sites, during old places renovation work.
Our load Lift: is stable, comfortable, durable and secure for your load.

My name is Tunc Kilincel and I am the export sales executive of BOĞAZİÇİ PLATFORM Ltd. company.
We would like to cooperate with you in the area of Lift Manufacturing, Lift Installation and Lift Renting.

In short about my company,
Our company manufactures high quality and well designed production of Hydraulic Lift.
Boğaziçi Platform manufactures One Piston Load Lift, Double Piston Load Lifts, Scissors Load Lifts, Cars Lifts and various types of other lifts. As a being leader in our competitive markets, we are always using high quality and professional materials during manufacturing. In result, our production is always preferred as lift manufacturing company by the international brands.
Boğaziçi Platform demonstrates its-self in front of other competitors by the reason of the experienced and knowledgeable staff that follows the technology and solutions closely. Customer and product-oriented business processes, implementing the new technologies with experience and reliability is always first our first priority that makes product strong and differentiates at the market.

We are one of the leading companies which product reliable and quality material at the Hydraulic Lift. And we are producing different kind of products. Our Company Website in Turkey. If you are interested in our products, We hope to have that collaboration with you soon.

Please do not hesitate to write to me.

Best Regards.
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