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Rates and Rules Writing Your Ads

Your ad may contain 5 images and a maximum of 100 characters for the title and 10000 characters for the text in each of the languages offered.
The publication of classified ads on is 100% FREE and unlimited.
Once written, your ad will be checked and validated by us to verify that it respects our rules.


Writing classified ads must respect the rules below and all ads will be subject to control by to be validated. This list is not exhaustive and may be supplemented if necessary by without this could lead to any compensation to the advertiser . It is for advertisers to check this list to ensure that the content of their ad is in accordance with the rules of writing. reserves the right to remove an ad if it determines that the ad is contrary to morality, it is likely its content offensive part of the population or it fails to comply with the legislation, although terms of the announcement are not included in the list below. seek the help of Internet users, whether advertiser, buyer or just a visitor to contact us through the contact form to report any ad that it considers not comply with our site and the ethics that we have set and which we could escape to remove this one as soon as possible if necessary. remains the sole decision-maker to withdraw an advertisement which it considers non-compliant with the rules set when dubious or simply to them, without entailing any compensation or damages to the advertiser.
Classified ads must comply with : privacy, morality and rules of morality, copyright, legislation, religion whatsoever and do not refer to the different human races.
  • Firearms and explosives, even fake or disabled for purposes of toys and collectibles.
  • The knives (knives, swords and others).
  • The weapons used in martial arts.
  • The goods and items subject to embargo.
  • Items stolen or stolen goods.
  • Lottery tickets and gambling.
  • The games involving potential gains.
  • Credit cards or reproduction and any form of payment.
  • Financial products.
  • Official documents issued by states (maps, certificates, permits, etc ...).
  • The contracts of all kinds.
  • The tickets of all kinds.
  • Decoders and other means of decrypting or hacking.
  • Drugs, illicit substances and objects.
  • Medicines and other products or plants used for therapeutic purposes.
  • The products of para pharmacy.
  • The mailing lists.
  • Personal data used for commercial or other purpose.
  • Counterfeit money, counterfeit stamps and other forgeries of payment.
  • Franking machines.
  • Machines to receive an electronic payment.
  • The objects of a sexual nature, even for adults, which affect the morality or simply may offend morality.
  • Items pedophiles or referring to pedophilia.
  • Classified ads encouraging them to connect to sites with sexual characteristics.
  • Items affecting human dignity.
  • Articles or classified ads with any sectarian character.
  • Goods prohibited or subject to regulation.
  • Counterfeits of all kinds.
  • Cigarettes and other tobacco products.
  • Equipment for opening locks.
  • Bodies and any other product of human or animal body, even fur.
  • Illicit substances or dangerous.
  • Chemicals of all kinds.
  • The object and ads promoting violence or racial hatred.
  • The Nazi objects or denial.
  • Animals protected or whose importation is prohibited, even for products from these animals.
  • The so-called dangerous dogs "1st Class" and "2nd class" to be declared to the authorities.
  • Classified ads can not reproduce or make reference to all or part of speech or quotations from politicians, famous or simply public.
CAUTION: Moderation classifieds
All small advertisements are validated by us. Small ads commercial advertising or have redirects or similar communications are prohibited.
Classified ads whose content or subject matter is questionable or likely to offend some people will be systematically removed.
The seller shall submit one ad per item, in a single heading.
The announcement must be confined to a single subject unless it is identical items.

VIP Classifieds

VIP ads are displayed at the top of each page. A maximum of 10 VIP ads are displayed on each page and are chosen randomly.
We reserve the right to remove any classifieds in case of non-compliance with our rules. In this case or in case of error on your part, no refund will be made!

Payment Methods

Bank transfer

Go to the bank of your choice, and transfer the required amount to our bank account. Do not forget to specify the email address used to register on and the reference of your ad (eg " GEOEQHJIVR2FLEF").
  • 1 day : Super VIP 4 GEL, VIP Plus 2 GEL, VIP 1 GEL - shop : 5 GEL
  • 3 days : Super VIP 12 GEL, VIP Plus 6 GEL, VIP 3 GEL - shop : 15 GEL
  • 7 days : Super VIP 24 GEL, VIP Plus 12 GEL, VIP 6 GEL - shop : 30 GEL
  • 14 days : Super VIP 44 GEL, VIP Plus 22 GEL, VIP 11 GEL - shop : 55 GEL
  • 21 days : Super VIP 60 GEL, VIP Plus 30 GEL, VIP 15 GEL - shop : 75 GEL
  • 30 days : Super VIP 92 GEL, VIP Plus 46 GEL, VIP 23 GEL - shop : 115 GEL

Bank Details

Bank of Georgia
LTD Netiko
code : BAGAGE22
account : GE33BG0000000699600300/GEL


VIP can also be paid by SMS by sending message to number 93433. In text you must write your email and classified ID.
Ex : if your email is and ID GEO123456789, you must write in text:
Sms will cost you 2 gel. Your classified will be in VIP for 24 hours.


Your banner or classified here