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English-Georgiann and Georgian-English Traslator

English-Georgiann and Georgian-English Traslator

September 05, 2018
Translator from English to Georgian and from Georgian to English
Personal Information
Name Giga
Surname Jojishvili
Date of birth 20.03.1990
Place of birth Kaspi
Nationality Georgian
Contact information Mobile phone: 8 98 96 09 76
Pernament living Kaspi
Temprorary living Tbilisi
General Education
from 1996 to 2007: Kapsi Public School
Higher Education
BA: from 2008 and up to now: A faculty of Business Management and Administration of Transporting and Mechanical Engineering at Georgian Technical University.
Foreign Language : English language: C2 level
Native Language : Georgian: excellent
Interests spheres of translation: Economics and Banking, Business, Accounting Law, International Relations Military and others one.
Additional Education: Computer Skills (MS Word and Excel 2003, Windows, Internet)
Practical Translation studies of CAC
Experience: 1.Translating films and cartoons from English to Georgian.
2.Translating documnts and texts from English to Georgian and from
Georgian to English such as:
A Report of Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on the
Conflict in Georgia, the UN Resolution, Hilary Clinton’s visit in
Georgia and etc.
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