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Looking for work

Looking for work

November 02, 2018
20 Years old boy. looking for work in tbilisi. Ive moved 2 years ago to georgia. Ive lived in Belgium for 15 years longs.
ive finished school there merchandise. I have the ability to speak dutch, russian, english and french. I also understand a lot about computers.
Ive been a football player as well, so any sportive jobs would be also a good oppurtunity for me.
At the moment i do not have a perfect knowledge of the georgian language.
If you are interested please contact me on the number : 557703259
Contacts : send an email,
  • Gender : Man
  • Experience : 1 year - 3 years
  • You are currently : Jobseeker
  • Industry : Association Activities
  • Availability : Full Time
  • Driver's Licence : D - Public Transport
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