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Repair Company "N-Service"
  • Repair Company "N-Service"
  • Repair Company "N-Service"
  • Repair Company "N-Service"
  • Repair Company "N-Service"

Repair Company "N-Service"

February 11, 2019
Repair Company "N-Service" offers such services for the performance of all types of repair work from one apartment to the entire building. The services of our company include:

- design-projects

- all types of repair and finishing works

- heating, air conditioning, ventilation with European products

- furniture design and manufacture

- installation of the "smart home" system

Also, we offer such service as partial payment after the work performed and the main distinctive feature of our company is that the performance of work and the deadlines for their execution are guaranteed by the Law Company "Nana Pilauri & NTS Group", based on the signing of a tripartite agreement.

Mob: +995 577 44 55 82; +995 599 44 40 78; +995 551 15 53 53;

Address: 97, A. Tsereteli Av. App 52

Contacts : send an email,
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