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Training Programs

Training Programs

September 16, 2018
One of the functions of our company is to give the best education to the students , for this reason we have invited for a highly qualified local and foreign teachers. Our teaching methods are innovative and educational programs meet European standards. Training programs and courses and the academically structurally is designed so that the graduates of the Centre could be employed in the public and private sectors as soon as possible
Course format
European Centre for the training course has the following format: during lectures some time will be given to review the material learnt to strengthen knowledge, the seminar will be based on mastering the material. The students are required to develop appropriate language and lecture courses and at the end of the section to participate in the discussion of the main problematic issues
Component of the course is test, which applies to any program. The level of Student’ knowledge is checked by tests which include all the material learnt.
Certificate Exam
At the end of the course students have to pass final exam.
Students who fail exam at first try , will be given the opportunity to re-sit exam.
Our Centre issue international Certificate , which is due to our contacts with other different centers abroad and their recognition of our certificates. This ultimately determines our Company’s highest quality of teaching.
The advantages of learning with us:
• Center administration has introduced innovation, which allows students who take two separate courses will have the opportunity to take third completely free of charge. For example, if we have students who at different times or simultaneously undertake two courses like, for example, Business - English, an IT Accounting program will be provided free of charge.
• It should be noted that all materials, handouts and course books are free and are included in the price of the course.
• Also, we have a 10% discount for those listeners who provide us with our company’s leaflets.
• 10% discount will also have those students who will enroll into a course through our website.
Our Staff
Our professional staff greatly contributes to the development and success of European Professional Development Centre is greatly contribution of the European Centre.
The company currently employees 30 permanent staff, whose competence and experience guarantees high quality service
European Centre for the Teachers of the competition are accepted on the basis of the selection process of the special commission of three stages.
• At the first stage of candidate selection is based on biographical data( diploma, qualifications, CV and other documents ,certificates by).
• The second stage, the selected teachers undergo testing, where their theoretical knowledge is checked .After Successful completion of test if they are called for the interview.
• The third stage is interview, during which the candidates are verified by practical skills, how he/she manages to communicate with the audience, how can he/she knows the subject and and his/her ability to transmit knowledge to the students.
Our Office
European Centre office rooms are equipped with modern technology, which enables students to enjoy our academic and professional services.
European Centre for Professional Development is actively involved in local and international projects.Lots of companies and educational institutions in Georgia and abroad expressed their willingness to be our partners.
• Our center has signed memorandums with "TIMS NEW COLLEGE" - (London) and Sandro pertinis's Institute (Italy, Palermo). European Professional Development center created abroad Relations Department for exchange programs, headed by Brevardi’s, Lagreinjisa’s University graduate scholar.
• The European Centre has established close ties with the Parliament of the Audit Board, we prepare the appropriate staff for Auditor's Certification . We raised their qualification of the representatives of well-known organizations, such as Alexander Griboedov State Drama Theatre, Ltd. "Vegas," the S.P.S Nino Inasaridze - Samtskhe "," American Research Institute, Ltd. "Kalasi "LTD" Tbilisi Transport Company, Ltd. Prime News Agency - News Ltd "Synergy Group", Association "trace", Ltd + Geotrans, Ltd. LG Interservice Ltd. Salvo Marino , Ltd Agrojorjia, JSC Saktransproekti - Green Office Ltd The - Motors.
• In Tourism issues the Centre cooperates with the International Center of tourism in the Caucasus, which is a member of the Association of Rural Tourism ,the Netherlands
• A number of beneficiaries were trained in English Language and Computer Programs by our center. It should be noted that the European Centre cooperates with such well-known international organizations as the "SOS Children's Village".
•With the financial support of "WORD VIZION" about 400 beneficiaries were trained in computer programs last year not only in Tbilisi but near conflict regions as well.
•In 2009 the International Humanitarian Organization' White Cross expressed willingness to be our partners, which is headquartered in Denmark. Within the frameworks of our Center numerous beneficiaries received training.
• Professional Development European Center has Business relationships with companies such as "Ploreksimi and Agrobrodukti" (Georgian - Turkish company) and HIGLANDS TRAVEL (Georgian - American company), number of employees from these companies were trained by European Centre.
• It should be noted that within the framework of Memorandum in law and economics field , about 300 students of Davit Guramishvili Georgian - Ukrainian International University received trainings under the auspices of the Centre.
• It should be noted that the Professional Development European Centre provides great assistance to children and adults injured in August 2008 . Last year the NGO community in Gori, "Bethlehem" and the European Centre signed the Memorandum .On the basis our center trained the youth refugees in Art of Leadership and computer skills.
•In 2010 European Centre prepared employess of Golbis company in English language and Computer programs.
• European Professional Development Centre gave staff training in the English language to the company “Delta systems”.
•In 2010 our company won the tender and trained 15 small business entrepreneurs in Accounting and Taxation in Akhmeta region.
• European Centre has a close relationship with the audit companies. This year our company trained “J.B. audit’s “of several employees. This company is among the ten most leading audit companies . It should be noted that “J. B. audit "employed many graduates of the European Centre.
• In May - June, 2010 European Professional Development Center plans study visit of Idp children to Italy. During this period Georgian teenagers under the supervision of the European Centre will hear lectures on the Italian language and get acquainted with European culture.
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